How can I get rid of fleas? I no longer have any pets, so why are there fleas?
2010-03-20 07:53:58 UTC
My cat got killed by a car in October. I gave my other cat to my daughter, so there are only feral cats outside in my yard, none inside. We are painting the house inside today and looking for a way to get all the fleas out of the house. I have sprayed inside the bed's mattress and sofa, washed all the bedding and throw rugs, I have wood floors except tile in the kitchen and bathroom. They keep coming from under the bathroom and bed and appear on the throw rugs.

It is already 80 degrees and I fear when summer arrives the really hot weather will only multiply this problem.
Does anyone know how to permanently rid the house of fleas when there are no animals???
Will I have to fumigate the house?

Thanks for any help in advance.
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2010-03-21 16:18:39 UTC
you will need to address the source..if your home has a crawl space would guess you have an animal living under there creating the problem, as the fleas mature they can find their way inside, but killing them inside will do nothing in stopping your problem
2010-03-20 08:15:36 UTC
We had fleas a while ago and it's a pain to get rid of them. What finally ended up working was carpet powder called BioSpot. Apparently fleas live in carpets, throw rugs, upholstery, etc and they lay eggs in them. The eggs are what's hard to get rid of really. The BioSpot stuff said said on the bottle that it kills all stages of life (including eggs), and it worked. I think that's why washing everything didn't work. I tried that also but apparently there were still eggs in the stuff I washed. I haven't seen a flea, and it was over a year ago.

Oh, also we fumigated before we used the powder and it didn't work. We don't have much carpet either, but we do have rugs. If you're going to use it make sure you get it on everything otherwise it won't work. It didn't stain anything either, that's probably important to know.

The moral of the story is, yes you will need something that will kill bugs but you may not have to fumigate. Make sure anything you use says that it will kill all stages of life, otherwise it is pointless because the eggs will hatch later and you will have a problem again. Good luck!
2016-09-09 10:45:00 UTC
* Another strategy to maintain fleas off pets is so as to add garlic and brewer's yeast to pets' foods, which makes pets style unhealthy to insects. Many such merchandise are bought in puppy provide shops. But pets might must take those cures for a couple of weeks earlier than they paintings. * Don't forget the fundamentals. Keep your puppy blank. Use a exceptional-toothed flea comb in your puppy to take away current fleas. And bear in mind to filth and vacuum most commonly. Fleas without difficulty hate blank houses.
jean ann j
2010-03-20 16:24:04 UTC
Some flea powder or baking soda on the throw rugs can kill the fleas that get on them. Placing shallow pans, like cake pans, with soapy water in them during the night with the other lights out will work. The warmth of the light draws them to it and they drown in the water. Some powder that kills fleas under the bath room if possible would work. Or block off their way in getting in. The fleas might be sand fleas that move around in packs.
2010-03-20 08:46:49 UTC
I had the same problem in my apartment, as the previous tenant had cats. I threw out all the carpets and made flea traps and placed them throughout the place. After a few months, the fleas disappeared.

Personally, I think they were in the carpets.
2010-03-20 20:09:29 UTC
it sounds like you need to buy a flea bomb. you have you leave the house and keep out for a while after you set it off though. it should hopefully work, fleas dont just come from animals i think they like to hide in sand because one time my puppy went under the deck and came back covered in fleas, so we had to give him a bath.
2010-03-20 08:05:37 UTC
Yes you will have to fumigate the house.

You wull have to leave your house for

about 4 hours.

Cost will be around $100
2010-03-20 09:37:47 UTC
well chleo has no fleas so i guess she left them behind. You should get rid of your Dog! haha get a flea collar and put it in the vacuum and just keep vacuuming, they should go away soon!

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